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Damn you Grandfather paradox!

First of all, why would anyone want to participate in autoinfanticide? I mean, why go to all the trouble of going back in time to kill your grandfather or yourself as a baby? Seems like a whole lot of work for suicide… Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to belittle suicide or anything, but really? Going back in time to do it? I gotta say that sounds like a cry for attention to me.

But at least Werner Heisenberg gave us hope we won’t have to deal with such silliness. Ha!

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Volcanologists and Vulcans

Surfing the internet and half listening to whatever was on the science channel I noticed they were discussing volcanologists. Immediately I thought, “a specialist in Vulcan, say what!?"…

Until reality seeped into my mind and I realized they were discussing volcano’s… not Vulcans.

Yeah, it’s sad that my mind went to Star Trek instead of, well, real life.

You might not know me, but hello, my name is Camille and I’m a geek.

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What Science Is

So, I’m not a fan of “auto-tune” songs… but I’m sure all my geeky and nerd friends will enjoy this.

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